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VCE Performing Arts

Music Performance Unit 4


Satisfactory completion of Music Performance Unit 3.

Course Description

In this unit students refine their ability to present convincing performances of group and solo works. They further develop and refine instrumental and performance techniques that enable them to expressively shape their performance and communicate their understanding of the music style of each work. Students continue to develop skills in aural perception and comprehension, transcription, theory and analysis. Students continue to study ways in which performers interpret works that have been created since 1980 by Australian composers/songwriters and works by composers working in other times and locations.

Essential Questions

  • How can I ensure that I perform my solo program consistently to the best of my ability?
  • How can I ensure that the expression I want to put into my performance is noticed?
  • How can I be involved in an ensemble so that all the roles are covered and the group performs to its potential at the performance date?
  • What new technical work will best help me strengthen my weaknesses in playing or singing?
  • What characteristics do I focus on to ensure that the widest range of characters and styles I can perform is evident in my performances?
  • How can I further improve my skills to recognise, write about and transcribe music previously unheard?
  • What are characteristics of Australian music and musicians that I can hear in their work?

Areas of Study


  • Prepare a recital program of 10-15 mins in length consisting of works different to those performed in Unit 3.
  • Structure the program to reflect contrast between genres and highlight the wide range of styles and diversity of character.
  • Refine expression to shape the interpretation of each work.
  • Consolidate effective ensemble skills through rehearsal with other musicians.

Preparing for Performance

  • Develop control of technical and performance techniques. 
  • Source and practise a range of technical work and exercises to consolidate and refine solo works.

Music Language

  • Consolidate knowledge and skills developed in Unit 3 Outcome 3.
  • Refine skills in theory, aural comprehension and analysis.
  • Further develop the ability to identify, recognise, notate and transcribe short music excerpts, as well as to re-create short sections of music by singing, humming and/or playing. 
  • Explore musical genres and works representative of Australian composers, post 1980 and of other composers, from different backgrounds and eras.


Outcomes Assessment Tasks Marks Allocated
(school-assessed coursework)

10-15 minute recital of Unit 4 solo works.
Rehearsal and performance with a Carey ensemble (or other approved group).

Preparing for Performance  Test (SAC) based on technical work from Unit 4 pieces, and an oral explanation or multimedia document explaining the choice of, and reasons for, the technical work.



Music Language

Class tests of theory, aural and analysis tasks.
A practice examination. 

Total Marks 50

Overall Final Assessment

Graded Assessment Title Assessment Exam Duration Contribution to Study Score (%)
1 Units 3 and 4 Coursework School-assessed   30
2 Performance Examination October 25 mins 50
3 Aural and Written Examination November 1.5 hours 20


Reproduced by permission of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: