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VCE Performing Arts

Music Performance Unit 2


Satisfactory completion of Music Performance Unit 1 or demonstrated ability on an instrument or voice (minimum of Grade 6 AMEB or Trinity), as well as strong background in music theory.

Course Description

In this unit students build their performance and musicianship skills. They present formal and informal performances and participate in master classes. Students study the work of other performers through listening and analysis, and use specific strategies to optimise their own approach to performance. They study strategies for developing technical and expressive performance skills. They also devise an original composition or improvisation.

Essential Questions

  • How can I prepare for performing to optimise the final result and consistently perform well?
  • What technical work should I be doing now to give myself a better foundation for future work as a performer?
  • What are the different roles of a group member that ensure the creating, planning, rehearsing and performing is at the very best?
  • How can I, as a composer, establish a style?
  • What can I find out about works I am preparing to perform that will help me perform better?

Areas of Study


  • Develop knowledge and skills that are required to present music performances in a group and as a soloist. 
  • Develop instrumental skills through regular individual practice and develop ensemble skills through rehearsal with other musicians.

Preparing for Performance

  • Continuous development of techniques for group and solo performance.
  • Research, gather and practise technical work and exercises to enhance the ability to realise the character and style of selected group and solo works.

Music Language

  • Continue to build knowledge and skills in music theory, aural comprehension and music analysis.
  • Develop an ability to sing intervals, scales, triads and short melodic phrases from sight and memory.
  • Identify, recognise, notate and transcribe short music excerpts.
  • Investigate and comment on a variety of ways in which elements of music can be interpreted to achieve expressive outcomes in the performance of music works.

Organisation of Sound

  • Devise an original work as a composition or an improvisation, inspired by analysis of music in selected works being prepared for performance.
  • Study and listen to a wide variety of music, exploring a range of strategies to generate and extend music ideas, for example improvisation. 
  • Analyse works being prepared for performance, identifying characteristics that can be used in the composition or improvisation. 
  • Use of information and communications technology tools for keying-in (sequencing), review, playback and refinement.


Assessment Tasks
(school-assessed coursework)
Performance Solo recital (10-15 mins) and rehearsal and performance with a Carey ensemble or other approved ensemble.
Preparing for Performance  Technical test
A written, multimedia or oral discussion outlining the chosen technical work and links to the recital pieces.
Music Language

Satisfactory completion of a workbook of theory, aural and transcription exercises. 
​A test on theory and aural work and analysis of a previously unheard piece of music.

Composition A composition or improvisation task with accompanying written document or multimedia format outlining the process and links to the works being prepared for solo performance.


Overall Final Assessment

End of Semester Examination – 1.5 hours.

Information can be obtained from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: